KỶ NIỆM 43 NĂM NGÀY GIẢI PHÓNG MIỀN NAM, THỐNG NHẤT ĐẤT NƯỚC (30/4/1975 - 30/4/2018) VÀ 132 NĂM NGÀY QUỐC TẾ LAO ĐỘNG (1/5/1886 - 1/5/2018)
Fund for International Cooperation and Exchange Projects (FICEP)
Mientrung University of Civil Engineering (MUCE)
Quỹ hổ trợ các Dự án Trao đổi và Hợp tác Quốc tế (FICEP)
Trường Đại học Xây dựng Miền Trung
1. Introduction
In 2016, Mientrung University of Civil Engineering (MUCE) opens official fund for international cooperation and exchange programs (FICEP). Fund will be supported with a total budget of 50,000 USD.
Since its establishment, MUCEhas continuously stressed on the importance of international cooperation and exchange. As an integral part of MUCEs work, fund for international cooperation and exchange projects (FICEP) aims at promoting scientific research and the progress of science funding system in MUCE.
FICEP funds joint research projects conducted by foreign scientists with MUCEs lecturers and researchers. The fund covers the the costs for successful applicants working at MUCE in 3 to 6 months, including office room, guesthouse, two-way air tickets, living cost from 500-1000 USD, facilities for study and working, laboratory equipment. Fund will be opened 2 times, early January and July.
2. FICEP objective
      Potential experts chosen by FICEP will have to give some lectures and research experience on their fields to MUCEs lecturers; study and working in team with MUCEs members and in the end of program there will be a published paper in ISI system.
3. Targeted research fields
            FICEPs fields will be focused on four thematic areas:
-          Civil engineering, bridge and road engineering;
-          Architecture, Urban infrastructure engineering;
-           Environmental engineering;
-           Material engineering.
4. Eligibility criteria
      Any foreign scientist who is currently a member of university/institutes at developed countries and holds their scientific position of associate professor/ professor or a doctorate/PhD degree.
      Applicants may not apply for a targeted research area grant and for a research program for the same project in the same year
5. Eligibility of Applicants
      All documents will be recoommended to submit by FICEP requirements:
-          A curriculum vitae, including information on academic training, working and publishes  relevant to the area of research (CV_template);
-          A 500-word description of the proposed project, outliningdesired recommendations, a research strategy, the current status of the project, and a rationale for the project in terms of its contribution to a specific targeted research area;
6. Application period
      FICEP will open 2 times a year:
-          First period from September to December, 2016: “Call for proposal” open in early February to April, successful applicants will be notified by June 1st, 2016;
-          Second period from March to June, 2017: “Call for proposal” opens in early September to November, 2016, successful applicants will be notified by January 1st, 2017;
This call is for experienced scientists at developed countries or famous institutes/universities to apply for FICEP programs and carry out research projects conducted by foreign scientists to help and cooperate with MUCEs researchers/lecturers for a period of up to 6 months. 
7. Contact
               Department of Research Administration & International Cooperation (DRAIC)
                2nd floor, A2 block., Mientrung University of Civil Engineering (MUCE)
                24 – Nguyen du str., Ward 7., Tuy Hoa city., Phu Yen., 56000, Vietnam                
               (E): draic@muce.edu.vn or Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngoc Anh Vu (vungocanh@muce.edu.vn)
               (P): +84. 573. 896 883
                Web: http://www.muce.edu.vn


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